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Whooooosh she appearssssss!

Apologies for the absense, my friends. The hurricane did indeed rape my soul, but thank God I wasn't in New Orleans at the moment. A few of our piers and docks are down here, lots of flooding in historical buildings like The Grand Hotel and all the houses along the bay. I had some trees down but again thank GOD the huge dead one outside of my room didn't go through my little hut (AKA, house). Yes and... none of you have any idea what I'm talking about.

The last week and a half has been hurricane preparation. It's been horrid. BUT THAT IS OVER and everyone around here is all right.

So uh... posting from me should be WAY up times ten from now on. The computer that is officially Lindsey's DIED about two and a half weeks ago. YES! So I'm using the computer that is officially my Grandmother's. YES! Lucky Lindsey.

Anyway! Just wanted to say I'm alive and I'm sorry for being so late to post lately!

Linds (Morag/Gin)
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