Seamus Finnigan (morelikeadonkey) wrote in mentis_ooc,
Seamus Finnigan

the night whispers to me while the clock tower leans

the kids they scream, they shriek at the sun
they come from the night
yeah, the party's still on (on!)
the party's just begun

So tomorrow is Halloween in Mentistime.


Seamus and Dean are throwing it. Because their party throwing is canon. (See OotP.)

It will be in the Room of Requirement. There will be Butterbeer and Guinness. Costumes are A+.

OOC stuff: I'm going to post in Seamus' journal locked to STUDENTS ONLY with the invitation. I'll set up a thread in the main community. Everything will be linked here once I've posted it. This post will be edited a lot.

Posting style: Comment with your character's entrance as a reply to the party post. If another character is going to interact with yours, they will comment to your reply. It is very very simple. For an example, check this out. (From the totally bitchin' pan-fandom RPG milliways_bar.)

If you can't post tomorrow, no worries. New arrivals can show up any time this weekend, and if you're super busy and can't make it, that's okay. Hopefully we can finish this up in, like, a week. Or less. Less would be good. But threads will go on as long as they have to.

Any questions?

(Also, if you know the song the subject/intro italics are from [and I didn't send you the song during one of my omglistentothis moments], you are my new best friend. Seriously.)
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