Ronald Bilius Weasley (xcheckmatex) wrote in mentis_ooc,
Ronald Bilius Weasley

Liz says TTFN

Well this sure sucks. Next time I go on vacation I'll have to remind myself not to give myself a big plotline just before I go. *hangs head* Anyway yes, I'm leaving for MI tomorrow and won't be back until the 8th. Unfortunately, the closest thing we have to a computer where I'm going is a microwave (which we just got about two years ago) so I'm not going to be on until then...

So until I get back, you lot can just pretend that Ron is:
a) complaining about school work
b) complaining about Harry and/or Hermione
c) complaining about detention
d) complaining about Draco
e) battling with Ginny and/or throwing Seamus dirty looks
f) awkwardly attempting to flirt with Susan
g) being dumb. But in a cute way.

I love you all, unless you're special *cough* and then I three you and want to eat have your babies.
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