mentis_mods (mentis_mods) wrote in mentis_ooc,

Just a few quick notes from the ladies 'in charge'

About the Pribblers: Entries can be made private, or viewable to only a few people -- just put it in the header -- but parts of an entry cannot. Its all or nothing, mkay? Same goes for comments, just make sure you specify who in the header. ALSO; Pribblers have a picture option -- kinda like camera phones. You can set them to a certain picture, otherwise it snaps one of you up to date. Feel free to comment on the user pics if you'd like.

About the characters: We are AU but still in the same universe. If you want to be Greyback that's fine, but you have to come up with an original plot for him to follow -- he can't do the same things as he did in the HBP.

That said, everything seems to be going smashingly for our first day! Good job everyone! Tonight and until about 12:00 EST we'll be on the train ride to school, after that you all can assume they're settling into dorms and going to the feast/sorting.

Have fun, everyone!
-Mentis Mods
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